About BHP

BrakeHorn Productions started out when three avid filmmakers who grew up together, began to make home movies. From this early passion and an eagerness to be creative and tackle difficult subject matter, the group formed BrakeHorn Productions in 2007. Since then, they have utilized local talent in front of, and behind, the camera. Without the support of the Las Vegas film making community, their goals could never be met. The core team of BrakeHorn Productions is Alexis Henriquez, Eric Gonzales, Lisa Gonzales, William Santiago, and Kam Urquhart.

Alexis Henriquez Order has always found himself to be involved in writing at an early age, with an imagination formed by the Marx Brothers, comic books, and films. He lends his incredible writing skill and story telling talents to BrakeHorn Productions.

Eric Gonzales was the eyes-wide-open member of the group, with an uncanny ability to create images and graphics from simplistic elements. His desire for drawing and animation led him to the Art Institute where he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Animation. Eric has been providing his expertise in editing, graphic design, and effect wizardry ever since.

Lisa Gonzales cialis generic walgreens was one of the more recent members to join the group, with her uncanny ability to organize, provide level-headed feedback, and unbiased views, she has been essential in keeping our goals realistic, understandable, and attainable.

William Santiago was also another recent member to join BrakeHorn Productions, being an incredibly gifted musical composer, he has provided the song tracks that make our films find a tempo that gives audiences the ability to follow the stories we weave, step by step.

Kam Urquhart http://loveworldusa.co/index.php/2018/03/18/arimidex-buy-australia/ purchase lozoly movies buy aciphex generic has managed to juggle the technical side of the camera work, as well as providing the glue that keeps the group from falling apart. His ability to visualize a scene and make it come alive has been his most valuable asset.

Where did the name “BrakeHorn” come from?

BrakeHorn Productions is named after a prank pulled on Eric, which you can view here. It involved Eric borrowing a vehicle of Kam's, where upon returning the vehicle, Eric had the desire to honk the horn throughout the entire neighborhood. Kam's revenge was to acquire Eric's vehicle, hook up his brake pedal to his horn so that everytime he stepped on the brake pedal, his horn would honk. Kam returned the vehicle to Eric, and filmed Eric driving the car around. The video shows this prank…

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